Corporate Training

We also conduct custom technology training, based on your target audience, their learning objectives, and expected learning outcomes. Our instructors come with International Certifications of the technology handled, real-world training, consulting, development and deployment experience. The trainings are tailored made to synchronize with the organization's domain-specific learning and development goals.

Our technology training portfolio:

  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Java
  • Cloud Computing
  • IBM
  • Cisco
  • VMware
  • Big Data
  • Hadoop
  • Data Base Administration
  • Analytics
  • Mobile Development
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Open Source
  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Software Testing

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Prakshal IT Academy

Established in the year of 2000, Prakshal is one of the pioneer institutions in IT Training specialized training in IT Hardware, Software, Networking, Security and Database means entire IT Infrastructure Management Services. IMS (Infrastructure Management System) is foundation for building economic growth.

If you wish to make a career in the IMS industry or desire to enhance your IMS career, Prakshal is the place for you. Through our years of experience and expertise we train and prepare the individuals to enhance a new career or an existing career with quality training programs. Having state-of-the-art comprehensive and competent technologies, training facilities and certified instructors with considerable industry experience provides hands on training environment to give an opportunity to apply your knowledge in real world scenario.

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Sankalp Smart School

In today's ever evolving educational scenario, keeping pace with modern methods of learning is becoming a constant source of challenge for most schools. The rapid surge of technology and its increasing importance in all aspects of schooling presents a great source of opportunities as well as 'challenges to the entire educational system.

Top 6 challenges in front of today's schools

1. Quality

Maintaining the quality of every single aspect of education, offering training programs to teachers, and keeping good balance with education system worldwide is a big challenge.

2. Need for all round development

From sports education to IT and from soft skills and personality development, schools are hard pressed to meet the ever increasing demand for the varied skill which need to given to its students.

"Nearly 78% of parents want their wards to excel in activities apart from studies"

3. Shortage of qualified, experienced and trained Teachers

Most schools are facing a severe shortage of trained academicians plus the right support staff to manage the wide range of activities in school.

"According to the National Council of Teachers Education India faces a shortage of nearly 1.4 million trained teachers"

Other challenges

4. Need for employee retention(with a high attrition rate t is becoming increasingly difficult to not only attract talented teachers but also retain them)

14% the industry average attrition rates for the educational sector

5. Evolving innovative training mechanisms (maintaining excellence in education entails evolving, learning & researching new techniques of training. For a school having resources that can do these tasks is often difficult & expensive)

6. Keeping abreast with rapidly evolving technologies (technology has become an integral part of modern day training. E-Learning, online tests, mobile applications are all terms which children have grown up with. School going children are developing software, forming companies & becoming entrepreneurs, they are learning & absorbing technology at a pace faster than the school can keep pace with)

Over 45% of present technologies will become obsolete in the next decade

The Sankalp Smart School Solution enables schools to utilize their time & efforts on their key focus areas or the core educational training thereby freeing themselves from other non-core areas. These non-core areas like IT training, Sports, Music, Arts are taken by the domain experts and experienced professional team of Sankalp Smart School, delivering excellence in these areas.

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