Our Business Consulting Services

As Business Consulting Team we work with clients as facilitators for sustained growth, harbingers of change and positivism.

As a team coupled with our expertise and efforts, we bring out cost effective, innovative, simple and long lasting solutions which makes a fundamental difference to the client's profitability, sustainability and predictability of business.

The assignments can cover all, some or any of the areas as per client engagement needs:

Business Analysis

We with our expert team and use extensive tools, data, research and interactions conduct an organizational diagnosis with exhaustive, focused evaluations covering all the functions and dimensions of your business. The objective of Business Analysis is to discover threats, soft spots and growth enablers in your business.

Opportunity Assessment

We our quantitative and qualitative methods we help evaluate the market potential of specific products and services, to identify and assess risks and to forecast future market trends. We use proprietary macroeconomic and microeconomic data and market intelligence in our analysis and include Market Research, Market Study and Business Intelligence.

Business Planning

We work with clients to find viable ways to massively grow your business by identifying viable development directions and through pinpoint custom recommendations based on Market Intelligence and Analysis. These include developing strategy for expansion into other markets –Domestic and International, development of growth scenarios, Marketing, Branding, Sales, Operational and Platform strategies.


In our implementation engagement models we have options of either short-term projects implementation or multi-year transformational engagements that span over multi-years significantly impacting client's revenue growth and stakeholder wealth creation. These include implementation of turn around concepts, active marketing management, implementation of growth scenarios, change management, coaching and mentoring of leaders and employees.

Management and Leadership Training

Veloces consultative approach can transform your learning and training challenges into DYNAMIC business positives. Veloces tailors its training solutions to address your business challenges by delivering more than just training, we guarantee an ROI on your training investment to ensure that our training delivers real business outcomes for the "Perfect Business Balance".

Corporate Reorganisation and Transformation

We work shoulder to shoulder with companies that are doing well and want to accelerate their growth further or with companies in crisis or underperforming divisions directly with the management by developing organisational and management restructuring with comprehensive profitability and growth plans. While the list of services which comes under this is extensive some examples are Internal Structure and Organisational Restructuring, Internal Process redefinition, Technology and Soft skill Training, Operation (re)structuring, Financial Planning, Business Plan Development, Marketing Solutions, etc. We also help to diagnose culture and design and support change agendas, including large scale training and transformation workshops, individual and team coaching and mentoring required for this transformation.

What our client says

I was very impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of the Veloces Business Consulting team. Before starting the actual assignment, the consultants spent several hours with our various divisions and levels of staff understanding our processes and procedures so they could really tailor the solution to our specific needs. The result: Theimplementation of the solutions helped us deliver results as was clearly laid out and planned.

I would recommend VELOCES Consulting and team to anyone or any organisation really ambitious and looking at solutions which are not theoretical but purely based on ground understanding, practical and clearly result oriented.

VELOCES Consulting's assignment was incredibly well-planned, professional and targeted specifically to meet our needs. It was worth every dollar spent so far! I am amazed at the kind of leap we have taken in our business direction and is quite certain with the kind of progress we have achieved that we are set and are on track to achieving our mission.

Need More Information

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